They said, “If you build it, they will come.” They lied. Pour your heart and soul into creating the most beautiful, user-engaging apps. Create content. Promote. Do everything you can, and still, you can’t fill the stadium. Why is virality so tough on mobile? How can we aim for virality ourselves?

Join the webinar presented by Mada Seghete, Branch Founder and Head of Growth, and learn:
  • The viral loops you should build for your app
  • How emotion and ego can drive virality for your mobile app
  • How you can use engaging content to drive virality
  • What the k-factor is, and how you can measure your app's virality

Mada Seghete
Co-Founder @ Branch

Mada is a co-founder of Branch and leads Growth Marketing efforts. Branch has grown the Mobile Growth Community with over 24,000 members in 53 cities across the globe. Born and raised in Romania, Mada came to the US to study Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University, and then earned her Masters of Engineering and MBA from Stanford University. Mada enjoys playing the latest viral mobile game, binge watching the hottest sci-fi show, and photographing Branch events.

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