With a broken app discovery mechanism, mobile developers and marketers are left with very limited options when it comes to driving app growth. Breaking to the top charts is certainly one of the holy grails, especially for newer apps.

Join Branch CEO and co-founder Alex Austin and Apptopia co-founder Jonathan Kay as they dive deep into the Top 50 Apps across seven different non-gaming categories and dissect the common characteristics from the data and feature perspectives.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
  • KPI benchmark of Top-50 Apps including: Growth Traction, Engagement, Retention, and MAU
  • Most popular features from Top-50 Apps that drive organic growth
  • Strategies to enhance app discovery such as app indexing, AMP, and Instant Apps
  • Categories covered include: Shopping, Food & Drink, Finance, Dating, News/Magazines, Travel, Health & Fitness

Alex Austin
Co-founder and CEO @ Branch

Alex is an app developer and the CEO & co-founder of Branch, the leading deep linking platform used by over 15,000 brands including Airbnb, BuzzFeed, Jet, Pinterest, Yelp and more to drive app growth and engagement. Prior to founding Branch, Alex held engineering roles at NASA Ames and Miasole with multiple patents and research papers under his name. Alex has received an MS in Electrical Engineering and a MBA from Stanford.

Jonathan Kay
Co-founder and COO @ Apptopia

Jonathan Kay is the co-founder and COO of Apptopia, a leading provider of robust and accurate mobile app data and market intelligence. Jonathan leads the daily operations and strategic direction including product development and global sales at Apptopia. Before Apptopia, Jonathan played a key role in Grasshopper’s acquisition by Citrix and built the user acquisition team from the ground up. He’s extremely passionate about branding and storytelling.

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