How do you offer your users personalized, streamlined experiences? How did Lyft reorganize its team to decrease CPL by over 30% while increasing conversion rate?

Finding opportunities to optimize mobile app adoption and in-app engagement is a must, as is offering consistent cross-platform user experiences and attribution. In our 2018 Mobile Growth Handbook, we’ve shared the tools and best practices you need to tackle the 5 pillars of mobile growth: Acquisition, Activation, Engagement & Retention, Referrals, and Attribution. We've also given you an exclusive peek into some of today's leading mobile-first companies.

This year’s contributing experts span far and wide—hailing from Amazon, eBay, Facebook, HuffPost, LinkedIn, Lyft, Netflix, Skyscanner, Slack, Spotify, Tinder, Turner, Yelp, and over 100 more—but they have one thing in common: they know mobile.

The 2018 Mobile Growth Handbook includes:

  • 120+ new tips and best practices from top mobile growth experts
  • Graphs, numbers, and data to help you understand the mobile app ecosystem
  • Links to the best blogs, sources, and community for Mobile Growth
  • Exclusive insights released from Branch’s 2018 Mobile Growth Industry Report

So what are you waiting for? Download this year’s Handbook, and take your app’s mobile growth to the next level.

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